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SaniAll, multipurpose sterilizer is your best option to sterilize the furniture and belongings at home, inside your vehicle, your personal effects (money, keys, mobile phone, etc.), your footwear, your clothes (suitable for leather garments) , your bed linen, your hands (formula specially designed to be respectful with the environment and with the PH of the skin, even of the “smallest ones of the house” ... and their toys, while maintaining a powerful sterilizing effect)


Suitable as a sterilizer for professional use.


Kill 100% of germs, viruses and bacteria. Tested and Approved by the FDA (USA) and by the KFDA (Ministry of Food and Pharmaceutical Safety of Korea):

Kills 100% E. coli bacteria

Kills 100% Salmonella bacteria

Kills 100% Staphylococcus aureus bacteria

Safe for them


Safe at home


Removes 100% of viruses and bacteria (It does eliminate bacterias that cause bad odor, by sweat, tobacco, smoke, etc.)

Powerful broad-spectrum sanitizer (disinfectant) with proven efficacy for a long time in the US and European markets.

Leaves no chlorine residue after sterilization

Not carcinogenic

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We also have SaniAll for your pet, as well as for its toys and accessories


We also have SaniAll for your pet, as well as for its toys and accessories


Spray SaniAll and prevent germs and bacteria from growing on your pet's toys and accessories.


Same active principle, identical concept, with a slightly higher Chlorine Dioxide value, ideal for eliminating the smell of urine and stools from your pet, but without causing any harm to the pet (or to the humans who care for it)

Likewise, health insurance for your pet and the little ones in the house.


With the best guarantee "MADE IN KOREA"

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