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With a wooden floor of Massaranduba or Ipé we will get the organic and natural product that is provided by the wood, a great resistance, superior to many other woods, and a lower need for maintenance.

Features of Massaranduba and Ipé for interiors and exteriors

These tropical woods are coming from Brazil, and are surprisingly resistant to moisture, fungi, shocks and all kinds of inclement weather. They are without a doubt, an investment for life. They have also an excellent fire resistance when compared to other woods and materials.

Both are on the highest values on the Janka Scale, a scale used to measure the strength and density of wood against shocks, as well as one of the highest values on the Monnin Scale that measures hardness. Therefore, are very heavy woods, which do not float: Massaranduba (1,200 Kg x m3) and Ipé (1,050 Kg x m3)

Ipé presents a yellowish color that goes to the dark brown on the duramen.

Massaranduba has a reddish color, which darkens over time. The albura has yellow tones that clearly differentiates it from the duramen.

Although one of the main uses of both woods and the manufacture of interior and exterior flooring are also often used for doors and windows, stairs and decorative veneers.

They are suitable for spas, showers or swimming pools, as they are non-slip and do not overheat, which is a great advantage over synthetic pallets that usually reach high temperatures when they receive directly the sun's rays.

No matter the traffic or the furniture that is installed on this outdoor platform, it will take everything.

Advantages of flooring of Ipé and Massaranduba

Flooring made from Ipé and Massaranduba are considered to be the best options for indoor and outdoor not only for aesthetics, but it is also a matter of performance or superior features:

  •  Great natural resistance to insects and fungi. These represent one of the main reasons why wood eventually deteriorates naturally.

  •  Unlike synthetic pallets, under the intense summer sun, it doesn´t overheat.

  •  Its density and natural resistance make it ideal for areas of high human traffic, that is, it has high wear resistance.

  •  It does not scratch and does not produce splinters easily. Quality far above other woods.

  •  Woods very stables dimensionally. That is, over time it does not deform.

  •  In case of deterioration or breakage, few materials are easier to replace or repair.

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