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By definition, Industrial Safety is the "art, science and technique that deals with recognizing, evaluating and controlling the risks of work accidents".

Industrial Safety is responsible for the elimination or reduction to acceptable levels of occupational hazards, based on standards, laws, criteria and principles to prevent, eliminate or reduce occupational accidents.

Returning to its definition, on the IBG Safe Work hands, we make equipment for safety at work, an Art, working with our own designs, patents and factory, with the highest degree of qualification. Rely on life-saving equipment since 1973.

Our equipment not only provides the greatest possible protection in all the elements to be protected (head, eyes, face, ears, respiratory tract, hands, arms, feet and legs) but they are really comfortable.

"All our Security Equipment meets the strictest certifications, being approved in total comformity in South Korea, Europe, USA, Middle East, etc."

Our products:

  • Safety Helmet

  • Safety Harness

  • Safety Belt

  • Lifeline

  • Fall Arrest System

  • Roppe Stretcher / Ladder

  • Tripod for Rescue

  • Self-Retractable Lifeline

  • Constant Flow Airline Hood

  • Safety Shoes

  • Respirator

Etc. (Cool Air Jacket, Welding Apparel, Anti Vibration Gloves and many more…)

Designed and made in Korea

anti dust filter
anti dust electro static filter
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