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Full-service oil & gas, marine maintenance and onshore/offshore drilling. Worldwide.


GASOIL REFINERY evolves by solving global challenges.

We represent in the 4 main global markets, Middle East, Asia, Europe (Russian Federation), North America with the main collaborating refineries, we manage the supply chain, logistics support service and commercial performance to the end.

We are constantly seeking to improve every aspect of our process. From search and exploration to extraction and production, we consistently stay abreast of the latest technologies and scientific thinking – innovating, modernizing, and advancing across all fronts. Breakthroughs have helped us greatly reduce waste, better protect the environment, and increase the accuracy of prospective drilling. Our use of up-to-date technologies paired with smarter analysis is our technological and innovative advantage.

GASOIL REFINERY sees its mission as facilitating economic development and strengthening the energy potential of its partners by offering a range of high-quality services: full array of marine services, shipyard projects, onshore and offshore facilities such geological exploration, drilling, design and construction of refineries (owned and/or in partnership with private or government institutions) including the manufacture and assembly of pipelines, generator and compressor stations, etc. We also acquire oil rigs, with or without drilling machinery and equipment.

Drawing on the extensive experience and technological strength of GASOIL REFINERY — a global leader in the production and distribution of oil & natural gas— GASOIL REFINERY has undertaken considerable efforts to introduce technological and scientific innovations.

The oil-and-gas business demands special safety measures. Aware of its great responsibility to its partners and communities in the countries where it has a presence, GASOIL REFINERY  aims to fully protect the health of workers and the environment by adhering to the highest environmental standards.

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