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Luxury, refinement and a lot of sophistication. 
The profile of people who acquire a property is well defined.

So we cannot forget the details even on the hinges and locks. Locks today are beyond security, beauty in the presentation of the property.

They are parts made generally of steel (oxidized finished, as well as, zinc plated, nickel plated or brushed), bronze or brass (an alloy of copper with nickel) that support and allow the movement of the frames. The most common are made of two plates, called wings, interconnected by a vertical axis, which can vary a lot in their shape depending on the use.



PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a thermoplastic polymer produced from salt and oil, or natural gas, which results in a colorless, inert, and recyclable material to avoid damaging nature.
We represent the most trusted company in the manufacture of PVC frames worldwide.
We offer superior quality products with the best value for money on the market for our customers.
We act with integrity, transparency and objectivity, fulfilling the commitments and prioritizing the interests of the clients.

What are PVC frames?
PVC frames are doors and windows made of PVC profiles with a steel core.
It is important to understand PVC profiles for the manufacture of frames have nothing to do with other products made of PVC or other plastics. The frames have specific needs for durability, strength, load, color stability, etc. that are satisfied with specific formulations for this purpose.

Is the same PVC used to make frames as the PVC used in the pipes?
PVC is the base resin used in the manufacture of profiles and corresponds to 60% of the weight of the final compound.
The other 40% are the materials that differentiate the different specific products in PVC. Unlike the PVC used in the manufacture of pipes, the PVC used for the production of frames receives the addition of several components, mainly thermal stabilizers, impact modifiers and special pigments with resistance to UV rays.
PVC is a very versatile resin, which is the basis of a wide range of products, including frames, tubes and connections, synthetic leather, auto parts, high resistance plastics, packaging, tools, etc.

Is this product suitable for the coast?
PVC frames are ideal for use in coastal regions, as they do not react to salty air or the high incidence of solar radiation.
Equipped with stainless steel accessories and special antioxidant accessories, they are totally resistant to the weather and the climatic aggressions caused by the proximity of the ocean.
The formulations provided are weather resistant, withstand color stability, even in strong sunlight.


We promote our sales by treating our products under objective standards, scrupulously complying with the terms and conditions that we subscribe in our contracts with clients. Not surprisingly, we have been in the Market for more than 20 years

Our installation teams are equipped, trained and specialized.

Each project is unique and special, deserving full attention and commitment in the development of customized parts, problem solving and immediate resolutions

In order to always meet the highest standard, we seek to work with superior products and renowned quality.

Focusing mainly on the high-end residential market, we seek to serve the end customer in their specific needs, working only under measure and order.

We work with national and imported profiles and accessories of technology and performance, surpassing in quality and durability the vast majority of competing products.

Our program includes a wide variety of solutions in order to meet the most varied projects, which sets us apart from the competition.

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