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As a result of our search for excellence in construction, the strategic alliance between the prestigious South Korean firm CHOKWANG PAINT and IBGROUP GLOBAL TRADING was born to apply in equal parts, all the color and safety that your industry or project needs, with the highest quality in the industrial paint and coating sector, in such diverse business areas as:

Architectural / Structural

Edificios redondas

Waterproof floors & roof deck


Heavy duty

Plataforma petrolera


fábrica vacía


Casa ecologica

Powder coating

Polvo de color Bins

Plastic paint


Automobile industry

Pintando un coche

LED / UV / EV industries


Electrical and electronic materials


Adhesive & sealants industry


Energy saving

paneles en la hierba

CHOKWANG PAINT has been synonymous with the best quality "Made in Korea" over 70 years, in which it has not stopped innovating through its own R + D + i Department (Research + Development + innovation), with more than 18,000 references to its own, being a recognized “Eco-friendly” company.

IBGROUP GLOBAL TRADING is synonymous with the most extensive international Import & Export Platform, added to a solid domain in the management of financial instruments that now make possible to bring the best quality of industrial paint and coating throughout the world.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to distribute (or enter partnership) the best quality in industrial paint and coating in your country or region, and we will answer you in less than 24 hours.

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