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We are a benchmark in the bathroom industry with a constant renewal in order to offer the best to customers.
The objective is to lead the market with this collection as the main standard.
This collection is based on leading the new trends in the bathroom design.
We  are inspired by nature to reproduce textures such as wood, cement, marble, etc. with the advantage of a better installation, conservation and cleaning.All designs we can be made in different colors and sizes even customize it.
This gives the bathroom a modern and contemporary style without losing any warmth or tonal richness that these materials provide.

Ours designs are inspired by natural wood. Provides a modern style to your bathroom without losing the wood´s warmth.

The polycarbonate cladding panels are 6 mm thick. They are an ideal solution to replace a bathtub with a shower tray without the need for construction work. Smooth finish with a slight grainy sand effect. They are water repellent and flame retardant.
It can be easily cut, if there is a need for a custom to adjust when placed. They are practically unbreakable, have a certain flexibility and their extreme lightness allows the placing of a large format by a single person.
Being so light, it is ideal for installing on plasterboard walls that do not support high loads.



Bathroom countertop

The bathroom shelves are the ideal solution of giving the bathroom a touch of style and personality, while providing a sense of spaciousness.
Our shelves combine perfectly with our series of countertop basins resulting to be a set adaptable to any need.

Aesthetics and cutting-edge design
Measurements, materials, textures and colours. A lighter composite with a high-resistancegelcoat finish.

Solutions for your space

Bathroom equipment is once again moving forward within its sector by providing the market with a carefully selected range of products to satisfy the different styles which are converging in our increasingly demanding and cosmopolitan society.

Through constant research of products and markets, our manufacturing process has become one of the most competitive one today, providing an unbeatable quality/price ratio within our commercial framework in short and midterms.

Our collections of shower trays in colours and measurements developed by our creative and technical department enables us to offer the market a wide variety of solutions for the bathroom space. Our technological and logistical endeavours, our daily investment, human capital and our vocation for service are designed to make us grow. Grow for you!

Multiple solutions

We offer you the chance to customize and adapt spaces, developing multiple solutions. Creative spaces which find solutions and maximize the use of the area available, integrating shower trays and even washbasins.

We offer comprehensive solutions for every space, coordinating them without noticeable joints and with absolute water tightness.

Elegant design

Stone Nature is a shower tray with a stylish design in cut to-size dimensions. It is made of resin with a slate texture, a material which is pleasant to touch, resistant and easy to maintain.

The location of the drainage valve makes the perimeter water flow more efficient. The Nature series can be embedded or positioned on the floor level.

Adaptable design

The Nature tray is characterized by adapting itself to any situation, however complicated it may be. With a maximum watertight security, due to its adaptable outer frame. The Nature series invites you to enter your bathroom space and enjoy it again and again. This cut-to-size dimensions tray, made of resin, a material which is pleasant to touch, is resistant and easy to maintain


Practical design

We present Nature Plus, an alternative to the classic shower tray. Thanks to its wave-shaped frame and the central location of the valve, this design obtains a slope that guarantees reliability and speed in the water evacuation. Its 6 cm frame allows a maximum of 3 cm to be cut all over the perimeter, adjusting itself this way to any surface.

Exclusive design

We present the new shower tray Kal which has a design that is adaptable to all bathroom styles. The main characteristic of this novelty is the lateral position of its valve that presents an exclusive and modern touch.

Actual design

At the request of market trends, this model is presented as a variant of the conventional tray, adopting a design that thanks to its hidden valve manages to give a modern finish to the environment of the bathroom. Its slope favours the evacuation of water always respecting the flow rates of 30 l / min.

Modern design

Our Premium series, with a dynamic and minimalist design, has straight and perfectly designed strokes which give a modern character to the design lines of your bathroom. The Premium series has more depth, which increases its water tightness significantly. In cut-to-size dimensions, it is made of resin with a slate texture, a material which is pleasant to touch, resistant and easy to maintain. The location of the drainage valve makes the perimeter water flow more efficient. The Premium series can be embedded or positioned at floor level

Ideal solution

Replacement panels (1 cm thick) are proposed as an ideal solution for substituting a bathtub with a shower tray without the need for major works. The panels are mass-produced with a gelcoat protection. The finish and texture are the same as for the shower trays and come in the same colours. The panel can be cut, if there is a need to adjust its size during the installation.

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