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IBG Smart City is a technology company at the heart of driving digital change and transformation in public and private sector organizations in towns and cities across the world.

We act as an enabler and deploy the latest technology including "blanket" public WiFi, Smart Small Cells, 5G ready networks and IoT solutions to provide organizations with the right digital infrastructure and a solid foundation of digital connectivity inside and out.

Our Digital Services and Connected City Platforms helps local municipalities and governments implement digital connectivity, promote digital inclusion and create digital services which improve the lives of residents, businesses and visitors.

IBG Smart City operates with its own patented technology (mainly South Korean technology), developed by our Technological Innovation Center with the highest degree of specialization and dedication in the technological market and IoT; we work tirelessly in the search of how to improve and implement our technologies to add new technological patents, for community service.

Our own factory, is located in South Korea. We manufacture on a large scale and keep developing our own technology to fully meet the needs of our customers for the development of Smart Cities around the world, offering the highest quality at the most competitive price in the market, with devices that can be easily improved and / or replaced in the future, as new technologies are incorporated.

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