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Spider-K is a novel (and patented) system for fitting in a single movement, of the framework of steel that conforms the skeleton in a structure of concrete in the conventional construction (it replaces to the fitting by tie of bending wire and to the fitting by welding)

Our Construction solutions are called to be a milestone in the construction sector, simply because we do it smarter, faster, safer and cheaper.

Our WIPO patents have been conceived thanks to our firm commitment to seek excellence in the different phases of each constructive development. That is why after Type-A and Type-B, new solutions are being designed to be able to develop buildings that guarantee a greater degree of security and that can be built saving time, money and effort.


The current fitting systems for steel rebar (skeleton of the concrete structure) around the world are based on:
1-    Tied with an iron or steel cable, which usually involves:

⦁    Laborious task. It requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the workers.

⦁    Occupational risks, in the manipulation of the bending wire / cable if it is done manually, as well as by the ideal posture for the correct tying if a gun is used to tie rebar, due to its weight and handling.

⦁    High cost of acquisition and maintenance of gun for binding of rebar by bending wire.

⦁    Unstable fitting (it doesn't adjust well)

⦁    Obsolete fitting system.

2-  Tied by welding, which usually involves:

⦁    Laborious task; high termination time.

⦁    High cost of specialized labor (it doesn't compensate to have professional specialist welder in staff)

⦁    Occupational risks due to burns, ionizing radiations, overexertion by weight, equipment and / or bad postures, ingestion of harmful substances, inhalation of toxic substances, etc.

⦁    In general, if steel rebar already welded on site are received, rethinking and modifications must be made in mesh; waste of time and money to desolder.


To fit the Spider-K clip in one touch (Less than 3 seconds per piece) Fitting can be done manually or by means of the tool that we have designed and patented specifically for it.

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