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"Become an Associate"  


Join our network. 


For just an annual fee in $1,200, you can have an Associate Card with the following benefits: 


1) A showroom for your products in alliance and strategic partnership with IBGROUP GLOBAL TRADING. 


2) Strategic location in Dubai (access to the entire Middle East) and in South Korea (Asia) 

You will be able to use our address, telephones, and platform, to feel the full support and security when importing and exporting. 

If you need a business card identifying yourself as an Associate of our Firm, we will create it for you. 


You will provide comfort to your clients in your transactions and you will save unnecessary fixed costs, designating us as your reliable Business partner. 


Considering our Network of Agents and Associates, our own brands and patents, we know what we are talking about and the uncertainty generated by importing products from a distant place and from different cultures, in short, the culture shock ... often doing everything online, which generates a lot of insecurity at the moment to pay as well as to confirm closed timing for your goods orders. 


3) We provide you with logistical support and all the necessary assistance. 


4) One of the key points of our Associate Card is the ease and information to create an escrow account with your provider, as well as providing you professional advice about LC, SBLC, Performance Bonds, etc. 

We have deep knowledge about any financial instrument, payment method and option to receive payment guarantees thanks to our experience for more than 20 years on the International Trade & Finance, through our company 


We design and build financial structures at the international level that will provide total comfort for your import & export, establishing a Trust, as well as the proper corporate structure in Free Zones, according to your needs 


Of course we talk about advice and information (if you require any service involving  financial instruments, this will have separate charge) 

But you will get 100% reliability on your imports & exports. 


5) Information to create your own brand from scratch and even create a franchise or to develop the expansion of your brand, under a clear and defined scheme, getting a tight budget for this. 


6) Option to exclusively represent our products, our own brands (as long as you meet certain requirements) 


7) Paymaster. We provide Paymaster services that will give you the peace of mind you need in your international transactions. Total reliability. Maximum confidentiality. Privileged rate for our Associates. 


We will keep adding new advantages for our associates. 


If you are interested, please fill out the following questionnaire, providing your contact details and one of the specialists from our team will contact you. 


Think about it: Together with IBGROUP GLOBAL TRADING, all around the Middle East and Asia are at your fingertips with absolute confidence and security. In short, with your guaranteed success. 


The magic word is “Dubai”, the best place in the world (by far) to deal business and unite wills to advance towards great goals, thanks to its strategic location.


Dubai combines the best international transport connections in the world, with a full legal certainty for your import & export globally. 


By joining IBGROUP GLOBAL TRADING your businesses and benefits will increase exponentially and the annual fee requested will be insignificant for you, your business scope will internationally open. 


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