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IBGROUP GLOBAL TRADING was born to support entrepreneurial leaders in the international development and commercialization of products and services that add value and implement a solid business model based on productive work, effort, leadership and innovation in any field.


IBGROUP GLOBAL TRADING is a company specialized in the Multiproduct Import and Export sector; a firm that operates in International Trade as a worldwide Exclusive Representative and/or Strategic Partner of the firms we represent, with the strict target of exponentially multiplying the turnover of our own companies and patents, as well as those of our associates and clients, from an approach whose pillars are business ethics and social responsibility..

Through our Financial Affiliate, we are ready to offer you the financial muscle that you need in the management of any type of banking instrument (normally LC or SBLC) that enables you importing or exporting.


We develop comprehensive logistics solutions to provide the highest quality of service. Your goods will arrive on time.


Do you want to internationalize your company? Do you want to export your product or business model?

If you are an entrepreneur eager to expand horizons, we want to inform you that IBGROUP GLOBAL TRADING will add value to your product through innovative marketing techniques having immediate access to the Global Market thanks to our Network of Authorized Agents, consolidated for more than 10 years, operating on all continents.

Connecting trade.

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